JDL Canada memorial vigil at Palestine House: Sun Nov 23, 2pm

synagoguetwoThis weekend, JDL Canada will hold a memorial vigil at Palestine House for the four Israeli rabbis slaughtered at prayer, and for the brave policeman who died trying to protect the congregation.

Remember: 25 children are now without fathers.


TIME:                2pm
3195 Erindale Station Road, MIssissauga
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Why Palestine House?

Palestine House is the nerve-centre of support for the terrorist organization Hamas, here in Canada.

Palestine House is on record supporting this most recent horrific civilian massacre and encouraging further terror attacks.

For example, on November 18,  Palestine House board member Dr. Nazih Khatatba criticized the Palestinian President for condemning the Jerusalem Massacre

Dr. Nazih Khatatba, who is also the editor of the Toronto-based Meshwar newspaper and a former senior official (1994-2002) of the Palestinian Authority, posted this cartoon on Facebook.

10433196_1509681982637961_2592402464077386491_nIt shows:

[A]n elderly Palestinian mother asking her son (translated from Arabic): “Where are you going Abu al-Izz [literally son of the glory]”. Her son holding a noose replied: “Hanging for a hanging and the one who started it is more unjust.” [The Palestinian Authority blamed Israelis for hanging to death a Palestinian bus driver, Yusuf al-Ramouni, on November 16, 2014. According Israeli police and based on an autopsy, Ramouni committed suicide]. Beneath it two Palestinian armed with  knives dripping of blood are slaughtering Jewish worshippers in a synagogue and one of them is asking: Where are they? [meaning where are the rest of the Jews hiding?]“

Also at the blog Alternative Angles, Jonathan Hal Levi reports that another Palestine House board member, Monira Kitmitto posted the following on her Facebook page (translated from Arabic) on November 18, 2014:

“In al-Quds like in the Galilee, the [West]monira kitmitto facebook post Bank, Gaza and the Negev, in spite of the consecutive tragedies there is a spirit of manhood in the air and heroism on the ground. Ghassan and Udai Abu Jamal [the Palestinian cousins who murdered with a handgun, an axe and a knife 4 rabbis and wounded 8 in Jerusalem massacre], you are role models and an example [for others]. Glory to both of you and to all [others who committed similar operations].”

Monira Kitmitto also posted a poster featuring a man brandishing a long knife and the pictures of terrorists with the caption:

[Ghassan and] Udai Abu Jamal, you are the pride of our nation.”

JDL Canada will be asking the authorities to lay criminal charges against the members of the Board of Directors of Palestine House for their incitement to violence and support for terrorism.

Learn more about this event at our Facebook page.

Dr. Bill Warner’s presentation on ‘political Islam’ a big success (video)

JDL Canada thanks Dr. Warner and everyone who attended for making this event at the Zionist Centre such a success.

If you missed it, here is Bill Warner’s complete talk — a fascinating, easy to understand explanation of what Islam’s three most important documents really say about Jews and Christians.

U of T Graduate Students Union Cries ‘WOLF’ After JDL Disrupts BDS Event at OISE

The Graduate Students Union at U of T got a taste of its own medicine recently, when   members of the Jewish Defence League confronted the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid at OISE College at the University of Toronto.

As reported in the Jewish Tribute and the U of T student paper, The Varsity, we shut down their event  — using the same tactics they use to disrupt speakers and events that don’t conform to their ideology.

Here’s just one example of the same tactic used worldwide by these haters to shut down any pro-Israel event:

“Video: French activists seize stage at Israel-backed film festival”

The U of T Graduate Students Union then issued a press release complaining about JDL Canada’s actions.

Alumni and donors take note: this is an indication of the declining quality of a post-graduate education at the University of Toronto. It is truly pathetic.

Obviously, these hate-groups can dish it out, but they certainly can’t handle the taste of their own medicine !

The JDL’s retribution campaign to stop alumni from donating to the University is also having a marked effect.  JDL has been able to convince a growing number of donors to divert their donations to more appropriate recipients.

It is estimated that our campaign has already cost the University of Toronto in excess of $100,000.

JDL Canada fears more attacks on Canadian soil by Muslim terrorists

tn.jspFollowing last Wednesday’s terror attack in Ottawa, Meir Weinstein, National Director of the Jewish Defence League (JDL) of Canada said he fears we will be seeing more attacks like the one on Parliament Hill.

Weinstein also predicts an increase in requests for security and said, “Our numbers have definitely gone up and we’ve had calls from different cities to establish branches there. A number of people are working on establishing branches in Montreal and Ottawa, while we have requests from Calgary and Vancouver as well.

“We are getting calls…like (last week’s) Challah Bake event in Mississauga for the Shabbat Project. We were asked by Canadian Magen David Adom to come to an event at Beth Emeth (two) weeks ago,” said Weinstein.

Sunday night the JDL was at the Lodzer Centre in Toronto on behalf of the Canada Israel Friendship Association, and tonight, Tuesday, at Beth Tikvah Synagogue for a Stop Sponsoring Hatred event. They only go where they are asked by organizers, unless there is a call for help, as in the case of the recent disruption at the JNF.

“Three shuls asked for our protection for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: the Sephardic Kehilla Centre, another one in Thornhill and another in North York. The feedback was extremely positive. There was no fee, but there was a donation made to the organization by each of the shuls.

Ever since the High Holidays we’ve been getting calls…from schools to synagogues.

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Female instructor joins JDL Canada’s free Krav Maga classes

Due to the popular response to Monday night JDL Krav Maga classes and the larger number of ladies who are participating,  we have arranged for a female instructor to join our instruction team.

This should make the self-defence learning experience more effective for all.

Join us every Monday evening at 7 pm at:

Toronto Zionist Center, 788 Marlee Avenue, Toronto.

Each self defense class will last for approximately one hour and will be followed by an interactive review and discussion of the basic principles of Zionism.

Pizza and refreshments will be served.

There is no cost for participation.

Participants must be 18 years and older.

Contact us for more information



Jewish Defence League Statement on Terror Attack in Canada

As the leader of the Jewish Defence League of Canada, I would first like to echo some of the words of PM Stephen Harper:

“Today, our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Corporal Nathan Cirillo of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

“Corporal Cirillo was killed today – murdered in cold blood – as he provided a ceremonial honour guard at Canada’s national war memorial.

“That sacred place that pays tribute to those who gave their lives so that we can live in a free, democratic and safe society.

“Likewise, our thoughts and prayers remain also with the family and friends of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, who was killed earlier this week by an ISIL-inspired terrorist.

“Tonight we also pray for the speedy recovery of the others injured in these despicable attacks.”

I would like to add:

There exist many groups in Canada that support Terror Groups from the middle east.  Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood have active support bases in Canada.

There exists a number of groups that have charitable status in Canada, which have been listed by the Government of Israel fronts for Hamas.  Many Islamic Centres openly support radical Iran and Hezbollah.

Attempts have been made to mislead police forces with false accusations of ‘islamophobia’.  Muslim Brotherhood groups are active on universities.

And radical left wing groups provide cover for these efforts of recruitment.

The Jewish Defence League will continue to expose and confront these groups.

The Jewish Defence League of Canada  will continue to provide all police agencies in Canada with our information of these threats to national security.

The doors of the Jewish Defence League of Canada will always be open to all concerned Canadian’s to assist our efforts.

And, the Jewish Defence League of Canada will continue to provide security to the Jewish Community of Canada.

Thank You,

Meir Weinstein
National Director Jewish Defence League of Canada

URGENT: Meeting of York U students with JDL Canada reps: Sun Oct 19

JDL Canada is designing a JDL campus curriculum and very much need your input, ideas, feedback and case studies, and to hear how you are feeling these days on the York U. campus.

The more York students who participate, the better.

Join us on
Sunday, October 19, 2014
10:30 a.m.
The Zionist Centre
788 Marlee Avenue (at Lawrence, a short walk from Lawrence West subway)
Parking at rear.

Please Note: This meeting is for York U. students. However, in the near future, Zaza Vili, JDL’s head of security and Vera Held, the Director of JDL on Campus, will also be holding meetings with Ryerson and U of T students.

Contact Vera Held, Director via email vera@veraheld.com for more information and to confirm your attendance.

NOTE: JDL Canada self-defence class for Monday Oct 13 is cancelled

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday and the fact that many of our friends are away for the weekend, the class on Monday Oct 13, 2014 will be cancelled.   

Regular activity to resume on Monday October 20th at 7 pm.

Location: Toronto Zionist Center, 788 Marlee Avenue, Toronto.

Each self defense class will last for approximately one hour and will be followed by an interactive review and discussion of the basic principles of Zionism.

Pizza and refreshments will be served.

There is no cost for participation.

Participants must be 18 years and older.

Learn more HERE!