JDL will protest Palestinian Political Prisoners Day: April 17, Israeli Consulate, Toronto

On Thursday April 17, Palestine House and affiliated anti-Israel organizations will gather outside the Israeli Consulate in Toronto, to commemorate what they call “Palestinian Political Prisoners Day.”

As a result, JDL Canada will assemble at the same location to condemn this latest example of anti-Israel propaganda being spread on the streets of our city.

This counterprotest is co-sponsored by the Toronto Zionist Council.

JDL Canada invites you join us at the Israeli Consulate (180 Bloor Street West) at 4:30 pm on Thursday, April 17.


A Passover message from our national director

Challis_Roos_Passover_5Meir Weinstein writes:

“On behalf of JDL Canada, I want to wish all of our members and supporters a meaningful Passover.

“This is a time to reflect and reignite our commitment to the Torah, our people and the Land of Israel.

“JDL Canada will continue to lead by example. In response to the growth of anti-Israel groups which threaten our community, the JDL will continue to offer free self-defence classes and basic Zionism classes followed by pizza and refreshments on a weekly basis.

We will also continue to host informative speakers to educate our community regarding the dangers we face.”

“Happy Passover!”

Moishe Feiglin in Toronto! Tribute Dinner and Public Address: Tuesday May 6, 2014

JDL FEIGLIN emailJDL Canada and the Toronto Zionist Council are pleased to co-host the Toronto appearance of Moishe Feiglin MK, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset.

TUESDAY MAY 06, 2014

Mr. Feiglin’s appearance in Toronto on that date will consist of two events:


See details below:

Dinner starts at 5:30 PM sharp – doors open at 4:30 PM

The Avenue Banquet Hall
1600 Steeles Avenue West
(Steeles Ave. W. And Dufferin Street — Click HERE for map)
Vaughn, Ontario L4K 3B9

At the dinner, guest of honor Moishe Feiglin will talk about the highlights and personal experiences of his successful first year as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset.

Tickets for the dinner are $180 each and available through PayPal by clicking the orange “BUY NOW” button below. You will be redirected to a web page where you can then choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase:

Moishe Feiglin Tribute Dinner tickets

Please note: PayPal will email your receipt right after you complete your order. Your email receipt is your ticket to the dinner. As well, your name will be on a list of registered attendees at the door.

Details of sponsorship opportunities are available by calling the JDL office at (416) 736-7000.

Following the dinner, MK Moishe Feiglin will be making a public address at:

770 Chabad Gate
(North of Bathurst  and Steeles — Click HERE for map)
Thornhill, Ontario  L4J 3V9

Doors open at 6:45 pm. Speech starts at 8:30 pm SHARP

Mr. Feiglin will be speaking about his vision for the future of the Jewish State of Israel and the urgent need for new Jewish leadership. (Click here to read a short article that will give you an insight to Feiglin’s vision.)

VIP Reserved seating: $36
General Admission: $20

All tickets for this public address are available through PayPal by clicking the orange “BUY NOW” button below. You will then be redirected to a web page where you can choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

Moishe Feiglin Public Address tickets

Please note: PayPal will email your receipt right after you complete your order. Your email receipt is your admission ticket to the venue. As well, your name will be on a list of registered attendees at the door.

For further about Moishe Feiglin, please visit Mr. Feiglin’s website at JewishIsrael.org

Please mark your calendars now and purchase your tickets as soon as possible for this very important event.

JDL Canada calls for renewed Jewish leadership in Canada

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is committed to the restoration of pride and integrity to the Jewish people, the return of Jewish values, the reclamation of the Jewish sense of justice, and the abolition of hatred and bigotry.

These values can only be achieved through strong, principled and committed Jewish community leadership, including the rabbinate, lay leadership,  as well as from a congregational perspective.

The Torah teaches us historical and repetitive lessons that the Jewish identity thrives in periods of strong leadership and wanes in the absence of such leadership.

The purpose of this week’s JDL e-mail is to draw attention to, and expose, the lack of Jewish leadership in Canada.  Please read and research the following information and then decide for yourself if these are the people that represent you, and your idea of Jewish leadership.

This week, we focus on one such “leader” that has recently been promoted by CIJA.

That person is Karen Mock.

The following is a statement from the latest CIJA announcement:

“CIJA’s advocacy activities in the GTA are conducted through a Local Partnership Council (the GTA Council) established by CIJA in partnership with UJA Federation of Toronto.  The GTA Council is co-chaired by Berl Nadler and Joel Reitman and its members are: Justine Apple, Fredelle Brief, Rabbi Michael Dolgin, Mark Freiman, Karen Goldenberg, Yael Karol, Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, Michael Levitt, Karen Mock, Evan Pilz, Ed Segalowitz, Joseph Shier, Donna Starkman Shiff, Sharon Shore, David Spiro, Carole Sterling, Henry Wolfond and Morris Zbar.

The GTA Council’s members represent a broad range of political viewpoints, religious streams and advocacy interests that reflect the diversity of our community.”

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the two-state delusion

During her recent visit to Israel, author, politician and freedom fighter Ayaan Hirsi Ali was asked about the so-called “two-state solution” to the “Middle East crisis.”

Ali, a former Muslim, explained:

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian context, the main problem is that you may speak of a peace process, but what you get is a process, not peace. And why is this process so prolonged? Because for the Israelis this issue is a territorial problem. For the Palestinian negotiators, on the other hand, it is not a territorial problem but a religious and ethnic one, It is not only about Palestinians but about all Arabs. Most of all, it is a religious problem.

From the perspective of the Arab leaders, reaching a two-state solution is to betray God, the Koran, the hadith and the tradition of Islam. (…)

Europeans and Americans — and I do not refer merely to the leadership, but to people in general — when they have a problem, they think there must be some kind of compromise on the table. What they cannot accept is that one party would say “the only rational outcome is our complete victory.” If you put aside the Israeli-Palestinian situation, you see components of this culture in the events in Syria, in Lebanon. You’ve seen it with Mubarak. There is a winner and there is a loser. But there cannot be two winners.

News about Israel Apartheid Week, Robert Spencer’s visit to Toronto and more

You’ve heard this story before:

A man walks into his doctor’s office after his annual physical exam and the doctor says, “Harold I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

Harold says, “Give me the bad news first.”

So that’s what we’ll do in this update. Remember, there really is some good news — just keep reading!

The Jewish Defence League is alerting our community to some very disturbing anti-Jewish, anti-Israel developments. Once again, the debunked “Israel Apartheid Week” fiasco is preparing to rear it’s ugly head again on Canadian university campuses -– and around the world.

The promoters of the event seem to think that they gain credibility by inviting speakers who are convicted terrorists and other organizations that promote the use of unsavoury “lawfare” in attempts to silence being exposed; organizations that have raised funds for groups listed by Israel as Hamas front groups.

Please review our vital information and then mark your calendar for some positive actions in which you can participate in order to counter the anti-Jewish / anti -Israel incitement.

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Open Letter to Councillor Sandra Racco, City of Vaughan: Jaffari Centre Concerns

February 27, 2014

Open Letter to Councillor Sandra Racco, City of Vaughan

Re: Thornhill Woods Community Meeting – Lebovic Centre.

I attended the Community Update and Board of Directors Election Meeting on Wednesday February 26, 2014.

During the Q+A, I rose to ask you a question regarding the negative impact on public safety to the existing community which is presented by the proposed Jaffari Centre re-development – a relevant question, which you refused to answer.

Over the past 3 weeks, I have been contacted by many residents of Thornhill Woods who have expressed major concerns about persons from the Jaffari Center blocking driveways and asking residents to use their driveways for overflow parking.  hat was one issue I addressed.

The second issue I asked you about dealt with the anti-Semitic nature of the Jaffari Centre.

You refused to answer my questions.

In refusing to respond, it was suggested that these inquiries were racially motivated and inappropriate.  This is completely untrue, and I consider your response — that as a public official you are limited to issues of “zoning and by-laws”  — to be a deflection of your obligation to properly apprise yourself and understand all the issues that might have a negative impact on the safety and security of our community.

I am deeply concerned that an enlarged Jaffari Centre re-development will lead to a serious increase in antisemitism, and this increase in antisemitism will lead to violence against members of the Jewish community.

Please take the time to review the following information about the Jaffari Center and their associates.

Thank you,

Meir Weinstein
National Director
Jewish Defence League of Canada.

Link attachments:
1.    National Post article (Feb.05.2014) titled “Cleric Behind Mosque’s Proposed Condo Project Probed for Hate Crimes in 2012”.
2.    Bus schedule confirming the Jaffari Centre as an active organizational hub regarding the 2012 Al Quds Day rally.
3.    JTA article (Aug. 02, 2013), reporting on the official statement of the Ontario government refusing to grant a permit on the grounds of “public safety”.
4.    ”Jaffari Child Abuse” – Anti-Semitic rant by indoctrinated youth member of the Jaffari Centre.  Is this how good neighbours behave?
5.    Anti-Semitic video rant at 2012 Al Quds rally by speaker Moulana Assad Jaffery who teaches family values at the Jaffari Centre.
6.    Terrorism Information Centre report on the CASMO Jaffari Centre affiliation and the 2011 Al Quds rally, Toronto.
7.    Article in “World Federation of Shia Communities” confirming that Jaffari Centre youth are regularly sent to Iran to be indoctrinated in anti-Semitic propaganda.

-Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua.
-Peter Kent, MP, Thornhill.
-Stephen Blaney, MP, Minister of Public Safety.
-Gila Martow, MPP, Thornhill
-Chief Eric Jolliffe, York Regional Police
-Shimon Fogel, CEO, CIJA
-Frank Dimant, CEO, B’nai B’rith

JDL Canada Uncovers Shocking Truth about ‘Educators’ Running the Extremist Thornhill Jaffari Centre

The Canadian Shiite Jaffari Center is the organization proposing a Muslim-only housing development.

In Houston, Texas on January 30, 2011, the Jaffari Centre’s Pakistani born cleric Syed Hassan Mujtaba Rizvi spoke about how much loyalty — he uses the term “affiliation” — Shiite Muslim believers owe to their country of residence, and the relations between religious belief and citizenship.

Here is an excerpt of Hassan Mujtaba Rizvi’s sermon:

“My affiliations are with Iran, because my affiliation with Canada would mean that if in Canada there was something for me to affiliate by, that was given to me by Allah, I should have affiliation with Canada.

“But when I look towards Allah, and I see that He has affiliation with Iran, has no affiliation with Canada with America, I say: I have affiliation with Iran.”

The Jaffari Centre also promotes another radical Islamic leader named Asad Jafri, who they call an “educator of family values.”

At an Al Quds Day rally in Toronto, Asad Jafri said:

“The Zionist regime that sucks the resources, the blood and everything that belongs to all the people across the world…”

The following is a biography of Asad Jafri courtesy of the Islamic Counterterrorism Institute (ICI).   Read it carefully to learn about the background of the people who are educating the Thornhill Jaffari Centre community about “family values”:

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NEW revelations about who is backing Thornhill’s proposed Muslim-only housing development

JDL Canada has obtained additional information uncovering the backers of the proposed “MUSLIM-ONLY” re-development of the Jaffari Centre in Thornhill.

Principals and proponents of the Jaffari Centre are busily engaged in damage control trying to persuade municipal legislators and members of the public that they are indeed good neighbours and care for the concerns expressed about their “MUSLIM-ONLY” re-development proposal.

This group which receives funding from Iran is the same group that sponsors “AL QUDS” day — a hatefest openly celebrated annually on the streets of Toronto.  If you have any doubt about that — here is a snapshot of the bus schedule showing the Jaffari Centre as one of the transportation pick up locations:

thornhill muslim only housing

The Jaffari send their kids to Iran on “school trips”

The ISIJ sends members of its Youth Jamaat on these trips. Below is an excerpt from a report on one of these trips:

“Shehmir presented the speech that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave at the Conference. Among the statements in his strong speech, President Ahmadinejad spoke about how the West is seeking to sow seeds of discord among regional nations with the aim of saving the Zionist regime. He urged the youth to be wary of such propaganda and self-guard them from these vicious influences.”

“Among his strong statements to the youth, Imam Khamenei said that Marxism and Western Liberal Democracy will not have an appeal and this is evident with the awakening that has taken place in several countries over the last one year. He advised the youth that the awakening is the just the beginning and the youth must remain firm in their objectives of tarnishing the Zionist dreams.”

Here’s a fine example of an indoctrinated 10 year old boy, proudly dressed in Jihadi gear shouting “Israel is a cancer”:

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Open Letter to Thornhill Voters: Freedom Party Opposes Muslim-only Development

JDL Canada does not endorse any candidate; however, we are reprinting this message as a public service:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Riding of Thornhill:

Many of you will know that, on February 4, 2014, a meeting was held at Vaughan City Hall concerning a proposed expansion to the Jaffari Community Centre. The proposal is for the construction of a 30 acre Muslim-only development involving two condominium towers and a number of townhouses for a total of 377 units.

The meeting drew an overflow crowd because the issue is of great concern, especially to those living near the proposed development.

A number of concerns have been raised about the development, which reportedly cannot proceed without obtaining special exemptions and approvals from government.  The project reportedly would not comply with zoning and planning criteria without the exemptions and approvals.  In addition, legitimate concern is being caused by the fact that proponents of the development — Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jama’at of Toronto (“ISIJ”) — initially made it clear that the intention is for a Muslim-only community on a 30 acre site.

Thornhill residents go to the polls this coming Thursday, February 13, 2014 to vote in the provincial by-election for the riding of Thornhill.  Concerned voters have written to Freedom Party of Ontario and to Erin Goodwin — Freedom Party’s candidate in Thornhill – asking that we state the party’s position with respect to the issue of the proposed development.

This issue is an important one not only for the riding, but for the precedent it could set for the province.  Accordingly, we are writing to ensure that you understand in no uncertain terms Freedom Party’s position on the issue, and the position of Erin Goodwin, Freedom Party’s candidate.

Freedom Party, its leader Paul McKeever, and its candidate Erin Goodwin oppose the granting of exemptions or approvals for the 30-acre development.  We oppose it in part because of the many zoning and planning concerns expressed by Thornhill residents who would suffer the consequences — including traffic congestion — were the development to get exemptions and approvals to go ahead.

However, we also share the concerns of those who oppose — or are puzzled by — the Muslim-only nature of the proposed site.  Freedom Party is quite aware that the religious leader of the ISIJ is an Imam and author who regards only the laws of Allah — Sharia — to be legitimate law.  It would be naive, at the very least, to disregard the exclusive, Muslim-only nature of the proposed development, which we understand to include streets and allowances that would be not private but public lands.

Contrary to the religious leader of the ISIJ, Freedom Party stands opposed to facilitating respect for Sharia law.  We advocate respect only for the laws made in our legislatures and courts, by the people, for the life and happiness of all of the children and adults on this good earth, of all religions.  We will not support the use of our laws to defend the existence of zones in which the laws made in our legislatures and courts are disregarded or discouraged.

Having made our own position clear, we encourage the Liberal and Progressive Conservative candidates to do the same, because those who remain mute in order to get elected, will remain mute in order to get re-elected.


Erin Goodwin (Freedom Party candidate for the riding of Thornhill)
Paul McKeever (Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario)